When the Albertina Kerr Nursery Home outgrew its original home in SW Portland in the early 1900s, a beautiful new building was built on NE 22nd between Glisan and Flanders.  Opening in 1921, the Nursery provided child care and adoption services until 1967 when state regulations forced its closure and children began to receive care through foster family services.

After three years of planning, fundraising and remodeling, the building reopened in May of 1981 as The Old Kerr Nursery, housing three volunteer-run businesses: Albertina's Kitchen, Albertina's Heirlooms and Albertina's Jewel Box.  Albertina's Closet across the parking lot was added soon after.

The Nursery housed over 100 infants and children at any given time.  Now, more than 450 dedicated volunteers go in and out every month doing their part to make Albertina’s Place a continued success.

Experience this unique piece of history by visiting this historic Portland landmark and national historic building. Albertina’s Place provides a majestic, classic backdrop for an afternoon of lunch and shopping.

Albertina Kerr Nursery Building

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