Kerr Values
Our values are the guiding beliefs that shape the culture of Albertina Kerr, the behavior of everyone associated with the organization, and the delivery of services. They are:

Every individual has equal value, and we treat each person who receives services from Albertina Kerr with dignity and respect. Our belief in kindness, understanding, humanity, and the value of diversity and culturally appropriate services guides our daily work. 


We are committed to high ethical standards in our delivery of quality care and integrity of our agency. Honesty, accountability and responsible stewardship of financial resources are expected from all employees and volunteers.

We believe in providing the best care possible for everyone we serve. We are committed to evidence-based practices, continuous, collaborative learning and improvement, positive service outcomes and responsible financial management. We are forward-thinking in our work and seek out innovative and creative approaches to fulfilling community needs by collaborating with families, clients and community partners. 

We strongly advocate for the needs of the people we serve, educating the community and political decision makers about the challenges they face. We empower those we serve to successfully advocate for their own needs and rights.