Crisis Psychiatric Care (Subacute)

If you or someone you know needs help for a child with a mental health challenge, please call us at 503-408-4705 and choose option 1.


At times children and families may temporarily require additional intensive mental health services in a safe and secure setting when a child is experiencing an urgent mental health crisis. The Crisis Psychiatric Care (Subacute) program is able to offer children a short term residential placement and 24-hour access to mental health professionals. Children receive a psychiatric assessment by a psychiatrist, individual and family therapy with a Master level clinician, and a physical health exam.

The program’s secure facility has four units, each with six beds. The program serves children ages six to 18. Children participate in therapeutic and recreational activities led by qualified mental health associates throughout the day to assist children in identifying alternate ways of handling the intense emotions that led to the need for intensive services. There are two to three staff per unit at all times as well as 24-hour nursing staff. The facility has a gym, multiple family meeting rooms and two fenced outside recreation areas.

The goals of the program are to stabilize children in crisis, provide effective mental health treatment and ultimately return the child to their home or a less intense level of care. The program also works to ensure that caregivers will be able to provide adequate supervision and monitoring, as well as an appropriate and safe environment to meet the child’s ongoing needs.