Outpatient Services
If you or someone you know needs help for a child with a mental health challenge, please call us at 503-408-4705 and choose option 1.

Outpatient services are for youth whose mental health needs put them at risk for disruption in home or school. These services are provided to children, youth and their families in community settings, including homes, schools and other locations that are convenient for those we serve. Families in these programs are given choices about where they would like the services to be provided.

Family-driven, relationship-based care is at the heart of Kerr's approach. Kerr's community-based Outpatient services provide short-term interventions to help stabilize the child and other affected family members during periods of transition or disruption. We provide:
  • Extensive assessment of family needs and strengths;
  • Engagment of the family in treatment planning and goal-setting;
  • Identification and involvement, as appropriate, of family and friends as well as community resources;
  • Referrals;
  • and coordination with any adult or other service providers involved in the family's care so that they receive the help needed to promote stability, healthy development and well-being for all family members.