Children's Mental Health Services
Albertina Kerr provides a wide range of mental health services for children and support for their families, creating possibilities for a healthy, productive life for each child. We work together with children and families, providing resources and a continuum of care, so children can live, grow and thrive in their own homes, communities and schools whenever possible.  Our goal is for each child to find hope and healing, make friends, learn successfully, and shape their own futures.

If you or someone you know needs help for a child with a mental health challenge, please call us at 503-408-4705 and choose option 1.

Our values drive decision-making and clinical practice. All our services are designed to be:


Families have the primary decision-making role in the care of their children, as well opportunities to provide input into agency policies and procedures.

Child- and Family-Centered

Individualized plans of care ensure that treatment is theoretically sound, developmentally appropriate, and child- and family-specific.

Least Restrictive/Least Intrusive

All children and families have the right to receive care within the least restrictive environment possible, using the least intrusive interventions needed to achieve positive results.


The challenges facing the children we serve are inextricably tied to the basic problems of daily life and cannot be considered separately from family, school, neighborhood, community and other social contexts.


Therapeutic relationships are designed to offer the child an avenue to building permanent, supportive relationships with the child’s own friends and family.


The plan of care is developed in collaboration with all systems serving the child, the family, and other family members.

Culturally Competent

Successful treatment takes into account the child’s community and cultural contexts, including the child and family’s ethnic identity and spiritual values.

Enhance Quality of Life

As a result of our services, children and families should be better equipped to live, learn, work and play in their homes, schools, jobs and neighborhoods.


Albertina Kerr embraces practices and interventions that effectively integrate the best research evidence with clinical expertise, cultural competence and the values of those receiving services.